Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amnio Follow Up

I had my follow-up doctor’s appointment today to get checked over now that it has been a few days since the procedure. It is kind of a relief to get to this day. I have been a little nervous making my way through the last three days, worrying about having complications. I have been over-analyzing every little symptom I have had since the procedure.

Last night I was thinking about what it would take to make me feel better, and I decided a quick ultrasound just to make sure he really has replaced the amniotic fluid that was taken and to know by looking at it that the placenta really is ok. I went in today and expressed my concerns, and fortunately, my doctor had no problem doing this. I got to see him again, which is always awesome. He was sleeping, so for once he was sitting still. Everything else looked good. She felt confident that I have healed up, and the baby is fine. The cramps and soreness (feels like bruising) I feel is totally normal and nothing to worry about. I am breathing easier now.

The first leg of testing is back. He came out negative for down syndrome, trisomy 13 and 18, and the other more common chromosomal issues. They also confirmed again that he is a boy as well. That all feels great to hear. We now have to wait on the remaining two labs to report their results. The confidence level the genetic counselors expressed over the health of our boy has stuck with me. I don’t feel that anxious over the rest of it. I will feel awesome when they tell me that the rest of it came out clear for sure. In the mean time, I am trying to relax and not think about it so much.

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