Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nesting (The After Picture)

Yep! This was my weekend. It felt GOOD to knock a bunch of things off the list. I should have the rest of it done after one more weekend (just pray that I don't think of too many more things to add to the list!)


Ann Skinner said...

Hi, dear Sarah,

Anne Brown was so kind to send me your blog address when I inquired about how you were doing. Wow! I am totally thrilled and certainly share your joy. Many blessings for you, Chris, and sweet baby Aaron Noah. Please know that I will hold the three of you within my heart in prayers for a beautiful, safe delivery and complete wellness for Aaron along with much joy and happiness always for the three of you. You are glowing as well as growing, and I am honored to have read your blog. Lovingly with joy and God's abundant blessings...Ann Skinner

Alyce said...

Thinking of you daily. Am mad that I haven't let you know this, but you are a part of my every day existence as you walk this path. Also, I've walked ahead of you on this I'm putting my Miss Chubb butt on the line and offering to come take the baby for a walk or the two of you out to lunch... or whatever. I remember some emotional moments (relatively few; praise God) and needing a bit of time to legitimately have a bit of a good cry or complaining or bitching moment. So, if you want the house to yourself for a half hour to scream, I'm your kid walker. My experience was that God was really good and just let me enjoy my little girl with lots of smiles. Lovya, Alyce Ps (I was gonna offer food or something, but is sounds like you've taken care of everything:( Let me know.)

Sarah said...

Love you both! Thanks so much for such wonderful posts of good wishes! Thanks for the prayers, good thoughts and offers. I take it to heart and appreciate it so much!