Friday, July 18, 2014

23 Week – Ultrasound and Doctor’s Visit

I had a monthly visit to the doctor to measure the baby, check the position of my placenta and check in with the doctor.

I had read enough stuff online beforehand to scare anyone half to death, so I had a mountain of questions that I ran through, and walked away feeling a lot better.

First of all, the baby is measuring straight on with where she should be. She is one pound, two ounces, which is great. She is sitting breech at this point, which is not that big of a deal since we are doing a C-section anyways.

My placenta is sitting posterior, or laying towards my back, but is still covering my cervix 100%. C-section is still the plan as a result. It isn’t a central previa, meaning it isn’t sitting squarely in the middle down low. A big flap of it is covering my cervix rather than the whole thing, so there is a slim chance my placenta will move. Likely not, but will take the small chance.

I asked about what’s called “placenta acreta” where the placenta is attached in a difficult spot down low. It makes for a more invasive c-section, where a hysterectomy may be needed. I don’t have it and am not at risk for it. They look for it mostly in moms that have had prior c-sections or uterine surgeries, which I have had neither. Yay for my previous natural childbirth’s!

Because my placenta is posterior, it means that I am likely to have a normal c-section with a horizontal incision. Sometimes they have to do the incision in a different way to avoid cutting into the placenta, so that was a relief to hear.

By in large, a lot of the secondary complications I was afraid of and heard horror stories about will likely not apply to me. I would sure like to do this with a regular c-section, and end up with a baby at a good healthy weight. Right now that is looking possible. Yay!

I go back in another month to check my progress again. Fingers crossed it is more of the same sort of news!

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