Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Started

First of all, readers, be forewarned that to read along with an IVF journey is really an exercise in TMI (too much information.) Much of this is wayyyy more than you would probably ever want to know about me. Feel free to skip around to get the 20,000 foot level with fewer details if you would prefer!

Our first meeting with the fertility clinic went well. It was pretty easy, considering that we already know what we are in for, having done it once before already. It was fun to see familiar faces and exciting to think about getting started. What I envisioned is that this would be a quick consult to let them know what we want to do, and to get going on pre-screening tests and paperwork. Of course, there is a lot more to consider than just that! I am getting back into the swing of it though!

Some big things to deal with:
  1. I have to get off of birth control, and wait for my regular menstrual cycle to kick back in again. I have no idea how long this will take. We just have to wait and see. Once I have a regular cycle, then I can complete my pre-testing, that estimates my viability to do IVF and also gives them the data they need to figure out how much of the meds I will need. We will also know specific dates of when we will be doing the full IVF cycle once I am regulated as well. This is frustrating, because we have a calendar in our heads of when we want everything to happen, but it is up to when by body decides to cooperate! I see an acupuncturist when I do IVF and this is where I really need to rely on her. She has her own tricks for making my body chemistry cooperate. I have already doubled up on appointments with her next week. Fingers crossed I can get back into a normal groove.
  2. The genetics part of this is 100% our reason for being there. That has to be spot on. The genetics lab we used still has our testing probe that they built when we wanted to get pregnant with Aaron. I thought that would save us some time, but the world of genetics is such a fast-moving area of medicine. It has been three years since we last used our probe, and things have changed since then. Therefore, they will review all of our stuff and see if any tweaks need to be made. This will take 6-8 weeks. WHAT?! I was floored when I heard this. That is a really long freaking time. I am kind of frustrated about that, and will do whatever I can to speed it up. Prayers on that one.
Our preferred timing? I have to travel for work in March and April – both a pretty big deal trips that can’t be moved or cancelled. Therefore, I want to be done with IVF in February. I hope it takes on the first try. I am 35 years old, and that changes some things. At that point, you are “maternally geriatric” or getting to be kind of old to be a new mom, and you don’t produce as many eggs. It was strange to hear our doctor hover on whether or not to talk to me about pre-menopause. Really?! I am not THAT old am I?! Jeez… All the more reason to get going on this whole thing!

To be done in February means that I will do the egg retrieval stuff in January. Then, they will let my body recover from all of the hormones and such for a few weeks, and then implant an embryo in February. When we had Aaron, they implanted right away, but now the best practice method shows that if you give mom’s body a chance to recover from the IVF madness for a while first before implantation happens, then a pregnancy on the first go-around is more likely (though, of course, there is no guarantee by any means). We are for doing whatever will work best, and keep our new kiddo safe, so we are ok with this. The embryos will be frozen while I heal, and that is supposedly ok.

Holy moly, we are on our way!!

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