Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It costs what?!

I have been a busy lady over here working down my “to do” list for getting going on IVF. I have spent a lot of time getting set up with the genetics lab. I received the AWESOME news today that our probe does NOT need any updates, and is ready to go when we are. I was concerned about the timing of this leg of it, and am relieved that we just get to move on. Though, I will admit that a small part of me is bummed that in three years there are no new updates on detecting MCADD via pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. But, as I type this, it also means that Aaron was tested in the best possible way which is great, so whatever. We are moving on. Chris and I just signed a mountain of paperwork and contracts for them, and holy moly, I just wrote my first big check for this whole adventure. Wow, prices have gone up to have this science at our fingertips since we last did it. We have to do it though, so what can we do but just write the check, and try not to think about it too much? Onward, right?

Speaking of contracts, Chris and I have been working hard, trying to get all the paperwork behind us with the IVF clinic as well. To do IVF, it is like buying a house or a car with all of the contracts you have to sign. It is a huge deal, as you can imagine, and it is hard to read because they run you through everything that can go wrong. And, I do mean EVERYTHING! I tried to save Chris the stress and anxiety of reading all that. He doesn’t really have the blood pressure for it with our grief issues, so he camped out in front of a soccer game while I read and occasionally leaned over and said “sign here.” We got through it.

All of our stuff with the IVF clinic is moving along. (TMI warning…) They were waiting to see how long it would take me to get a period after I got off birth control to signal that my reproductive system was back in business. Turns out it only took me a couple of days and there it was! Amazing how fast that works. I remember when I have gotten off birth control to have the boys it took just about no time at all for that stuff to leave my system. Anyways, they are now controlling my cycles with birth control pills. Seems counter-productive, right? But they have a trick to it, in terms of which ones I take, and for how long. Crazy science! But everything from here on out will be measured to a “T.” XYZ test has to happen on such-and-such day in my cycle. XYZ drug is given on such-and-such day in my cycle, and so on.

I do my last round of tests (I think) on Friday, and I will get my calendar for when the IVF cycle will happen at that appointment. Drugs will be ordered soon after that I imagine (another big check written then as well. Yikes!) And then I will sit and wait for the day that I need to start taking everything. I am continuing on with acupuncture, doing all the groundwork that is necessary there. She will likely begin her full treatment with me next week. That is a crazy process in and of itself, and I will tell you about it as I go through it!

I am getting really excited. I went through some old pictures of Aaron tonight. I miss the baby stuff. Don’t get me wrong, he is so fun as he is now with all he can do, and tell me as a toddler (I say this as he is as he is currently yelling at me because he is STILL awake at 10pm and wants something. Sigh!) BUT, it has been a while since I had the snuggly baby stuff, and I do miss it. I am excited to get to do that again. Working hard to get there!

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