Friday, February 21, 2014

Game On!

I went back to the IVF clinic yesterday to hand in my "permission slip" from the cardiologist, and to get officially set up for implantation. I felt a little sheepish since I pushed really hard to get those last tests in on time, but whatever. We have a girl waiting on us in a freezer. We have to be serious and keep going for her. I am where I should be on the drugs, and everything looked good when they checked me over. We are officially scheduled for February 27 for the transfer. That is next week! I have been walking in a bubble since then thinking about how this is the LAST WEEK that my body will be my own for a few years between being pregnant and breast feeding. I was sure to have a beer last night with dinner. :) On the flip side of that, I just want her with us. She shouldn't be in a lab in Denver. She should be with us under our care. She is ours and we want her so bad. She will be in me, but at least then she is with us. We can then watch her grow firsthand, and I am so excited for it.

Is it next week yet???

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