Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monkey Wrench

We’ve been plugging along over here. On Monday, we got a date nailed for the embryo transfer: February 27. I started ramping up on my next round of hormones to start to get ready for it. Things were going well, and then I started to feel a little funny. My heart felt like it was pumping kind of hard and irregular. I feel like I can’t quite catch my breath. I googled it and saw that a fast heartbeat was one of the side effects of these new hormones I am on. Great. Since this is one where I start with a low dose and over time, you take more and more of it, I thought I should call my doctor to talk it through with her. Well, she freaked out and said that that is not a typical side effect and wants me to talk to my cardiologist about a possible arrhythmia in my heart. I guess there is a thing called a “holter monitor” that they have you wear for 24 hours to measure your heart’s activity to check for such things, and she would feel better if I did that step before proceeding with the transfer and pregnancy thereafter.

Sigh. Seriously? This means putting off the transfer date. Dammit. Here’s the deal: after my dad died this summer, I was encouraged to go see a cardiologist to have the once-over done on my heart to check everything out. Heart disease runs in the family, and my dad died early from it, so no harm in being vigilant from an early age. I did my homework before starting this whole process, working with a cardiologist to run a ton of tests. I got a clean bill of health. I thought I had this covered. I called my cardiologist and asked him about this new development, and he thinks I need to do this extra test, and has ordered it for me. I will get a call in a few days to go pick up my holter monitor and get started. Once they collect the data from it, it will take a couple of weeks to get the results and meet back with him to see how it all went.

I honestly feel like this is a reaction from the meds. I have never had these symptoms before taking this drug. So what do I do now? I have two options:

  1. Quit IVF for the time being (quit the drugs, and cancel the implantation on February 27), and do the holter monitor test. My gut says that it will come out clean. I will have missed a month on moving forward with IVF. I am traveling a bunch in March/April, so really that means waiting a few months to do the implantation. Insert lots of bad words here.
  2. Keep taking the hormones and pray that they get the heart test over with in a timely fashion so I can implant on February 27 as planned. I run the risk of testing positive for the arrhythmia, which sends me down a whole other rabbit trail.
And, what if I quit the drugs, pass my heart test, and then take the hormones a few months from now when we are ready to do the implantation, and experience the same symptoms? Can’t I have a different drug? I need to ask that question. Hormones do screwy things to your body. God, I just want to be done with IVF already. This really sucks.

I wish my IVF doctor and my cardiologist would talk with each other and coordinate what needs to happen, rather than me having to be the go-between. I feel like I need a better answer on what this drug does and if it has an impact on the outcome of this upcoming test. I asked my cardiologist again and will see what he says.

Kind of want to stick my head in the sand and hide from this lose-lose situation. Jeez…

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