Thursday, January 30, 2014

Genetic testing is back!

Wow. Overwhelmed with emotion as I write this post (in a good way)! The doctor called this morning with the results of our genetic testing.

The hard news is that only one embryo is genetically sound enough to be ok for implantation. We not only paid to have them look for MCADD in our embryos, but paid for additional testing to look for other chromosomal issues as well. We would hate to be so focused on the one thing that we miss something else that is vitally important. Well, holy cow, did that additional chromosomal testing pay for itself in spades! It unveiled a ton of problems in 5 of our 6 embryos, indicating that I am really getting to the age that my eggs are not so viable any more.

One embryo must have already been on its way out because they couldn’t get a complete signal on it. It for sure had Chris’s copy of the MCADD gene, and it was unclear if it got my copy as well. They also couldn’t get a read on its chromosomes either. It is not viable and has to be discarded.

Four of the embryos all came out genetically abnormal at a chromosomal level. One was missing chromosome 16 (which I think means it has trisomy-16, a TERRIBLE illness that is fatal), another was missing chromosome 10 (just as bad), and the remainder had multiple chromosomal issues between them.

Our one good one is chromosomally normal and is fine to use. It is a carrier of MCADD, which is ok. Chris and I are both carriers, and it doesn’t really impact us at all. It has the MCADD gene from Chris, but got a clean copy from me. Coolest news of all? It is a girl!!! I am so excited and over the moon about that! I have been hoping and praying that after my two awesome boys that I would get the chance to have my girl. Wow. Tears at that.

The next step is to work towards implantation. Everything is timed with my cycles, and they think that we are looking at late February for that step (which means a November birthday for our baby girl). Then, I will have to wait two weeks to take a pregnancy test to see if she took. That will mean six weeks from now we will know. Talk about an exercise in patience!

I will admit, it is a pretty nervous, anxious thing having all our eggs in one basket so to speak, but I am also hopeful for the opportunity to not have to stress and worry about a bunch of embryos hanging out in a freezer that we then have to figure out what to do with when we are done. We just need to think sticky thoughts that she hangs on when she is implanted. We need her! Hang in there baby girl!

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