Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 3 Counts

All ten embryos are still hanging in there. They hope to see them between 6-10 cells big at this stage as a frame of reference. All of them fit that size requirement, which is great.

1 embryo is 10 cells big.
1 embryo is 9 cells big.
2 embryos are 8 cells big.
4 embryos are 7 cells big.

The 5-cell one from yesterday that had a lot of fragmentation (cell parts - this is a bad thing) has continued to divide and is now 7 cells they think. It is hard to tell how many cells are in there because of all of the fragmentation muddying it up.

One of the 7-cell ones has stopped dividing, and they think that one will peter out, but it is too early to give up on it yet.

Tomorrow is day 4, and because of developmentally where they will be tomorrow, they won't call with updates. We won't hear any more about them until Saturday. Saturday is the day they will do the biopsy for the DNA testing, and we will get a phone call to learn how that went.

After that they will be frozen and we will wait to see what the DNA looks like for these guys.

Fingers crossed for us. We just plan to KEEP BUSY and try not to think about it, because the stress and anticipation can eat us up. I need to be focused on healing so that we can implant when the time comes. That is really all we can do.

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