Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 2 Counts

The lab just called, and I have updated counts.

Yesterday, we had 10 eggs that fertilized, and 7 more that were unknown.

The 7 unknowns did not develop further over the last 24 hours. They are not going to work out, and will be discarded today.

The 10 are dividing nicely and are progressing along:

2 embryos are 2 cells big.
2 embryos are 3 cells big.
3 embryos are 4 cells big, and they are our nicest looking ones so far.
1 embryo is 5 cells big - this one is not looking so hot. It has lots of fragmentation (cell parts) floating around in it. Slim chance it could turn around, but they anticipate this one not making it.
2 embryos are 7 cells big.

Bigger isn't always better, come to find out. For this stage at day 2, being 4 cells big is considered normal, and the less fragmentation the better. That is how they determine which are better versus worse. They grade them too, and they are rating ours at B- to B+ range.

We are so far on target to do the biopsy on day 5, but they are taking it as it comes, and will do it when they look ready.

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