Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 5 Counts - Biopsy

They called us first thing this morning.
  • 4 were ready for the biopsy for DNA testing.
  • 5 were too early for it, but they thought 2 would mature enough if they gave them until the end of the day to grow a bit more.
  • 1 had not grown any in the last couple of days and really should be discarded, but they thought they would give it a little more time too just in case.

They decided to revisit the situation at about 4-4:30 to give the stragglers one last shot.

At this point the biopsy is now complete, and they are beginning the work of freezing our embryos. Here's how it shook out.
  • 6 were biopsied - 4 of those were the good ones from this morning, and 2 were from the batch of "late bloomers" that needed more time. The 2 are poor quality, but worth putting them forward for testing just in case.
  • 3 are being left to grow overnight to see if they can possibly be worth doing a biopsy tomorrow. There is no courier service on Sundays, so no way to ship the samples to the Detroit lab where they will do the genetic testing anyways, so I think that helped prove the case to give these guys one last shot.
  • 1 that had stopped growing is now out for the count. They have given up on it, and it has been discarded.

As I mentioned, the 6 embryos that are done are currently being labeled, and frozen in their own individual dishes. They will call me tomorrow after they evaluate the remaining 3 embryos.

The cells will be shipped off on Monday, and then we should hear by the end of the week (I think) how they are, and if any of them have MCADD.

Fingers crossed everybody, and as always, prayers welcome!

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