Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catching Up

I am catching up on blog posts tonight. I have written some things, but not gotten around to posting them yet. As it stands right now, I am a few weeks into the injections, and doing just great! I don’t feel any different, and I am attributing that to acupuncture. I have followed my acupuncturist’s plan for me religiously, and it has paid off. They keep bumping up the dosages on my medications, so I am taking each moment as it comes, and if I feel anything more than what I do right now, I am not going to be disappointed - just grateful that I have had it easy so far!

The doctors in this fertility practice we are using meet as a group to review cases, and because of Chris’s and my odds for creating sick embryos, they have bumped up my medications to try to get me to release more eggs than they would normally do. They are hoping they can get between 15-20 eggs. Not all of them will be mature enough to become embryos. Also, at least 25% of them will be sick with MCADD. We want to have options, so this seems like the right path.

If things go well, and we have enough healthy embryos to choose from, they are going to let us choose the sex of the babies that they implant! The plan is to implant two, and if possible, we would like a girl and a boy. Time will tell. We are certainly doing everything we can to relax and be healthy until the moment of truth arrives, and it is time to create embryos!

Without further ado, here are some of the things I have been writing in the last few weeks.

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Thanks for "catching us up." Cyber hugs. Love, Alyce