Saturday, January 23, 2010

Videos of Our Nightly Injection Routine

I bought a Flip this last week. (A "Flip" is a device that records digital videos that are easy to post on blogs, Facebook and the like). We have so much going on, and will continue to have more to share as we go, so this seemed like another great way to share our news and updates.

To kick this whole thing off, we have recorded ourselves doing our nightly routine with the shots. Every evening at 9pm, Chris does a great job of getting all of the syringes loaded up and ready to go. He is the detail oriented one between the two of us, so he was the best candidate to fulfill this need every night. It is a load off my mind that all I have to do is inject them, and that's it. We make a good team!

Chris loading up the syringes #1:

Chris loading up the syringes #2:

Sarah doing the injections:

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